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Low Cost Starter Guide + Print-Making Images...

Here's Your Complete Intro to Starting
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Print Making Business!


Want to Make Cash Creating & Selling 1000s of Restored
Collectable Vintage Photos & Prints With Your Printer???

THIS GIVEAWAY PRICED STARTER GUIDE & SAMPLES DOWNLOAD  includes an exclusive Guide offering hard earned hints and tips for starting an easy to run Print Making Business using your photo-capable computer printer - PLUS a large starter range of Full Size Image Examples you can make and sell quality repro prints from. All for only 3.00 introductory price to cover our costs!

All You Need is a Graphics or Photo-Capable
Computer Printer such as any Standard A4 or A3 Inkjet

The latter are from Timecamera's wonderful collections of professionally restored vintage image collections - all uniquely enhanced in the Timecamera studios for making Repro Antique Prints and Photos using a standard computer printer.

You are very welcome to use the sample images to 'wet your toes' in the print making and selling market without investing hardly anything (images used commercially however must abide by the short but important Timecamera Terms of Use displayed Here, which are deemed as accepted by making a purchase).


They're all here and waiting for you to make repro prints to sell. Start your own easily-run business for less than a fiver!

It can be hard to tell sometimes whether that attractive 'Timecamera' antique painting, photo or print for sale is real or a reproduction. If it's a repro it should of course be labelled as such and priced accordingly.

 Point is though, the demand for images suitable for making quality reproductions is steadily increasing as witnessed by the plethora of "hard to tell the difference" pictures now being offered in all types of outlets.

Going The Extra Mile For You...

 There's a good chance that the image used for making the beautiful print you've seen on sale in-store came from a Timecamera image.

 Why? Because Timecamera uniquely goes the extra mile to restore the antique images for making good quality prints, enhances them to be specially suitable for digital printing, supplies them large-sized physically to begin with instead of the thumbnails often touted, and offers them copyright safe (i.e. as improved versions/restorations the copyright on these versions rests with Timecamera and permission is in turn granted to the user to make physical prints from them).

Read All About It!

Go ahead and take up this Intro Download Offer - it doesn't cost much at all considering the wealth of valuable material and information it contains- or browse the Timecamera site and read all about starting your own low cost, home based Print Making Business. Timecamera is the leading supplier to professionals in the field for all the unique reasons listed above, so you're in safe hands.

 Explore all the nooks and crannies as there's a wealth of info on the site if you want to start your own business (full time or part time) plus over 90 vintage image collections to browse - as well as several great package deals on offer.


Photo Portrait Examples - Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe and Thomas Edison.
There's big money to be made selling authentic reproductions of these very rare, restored photos!
With today's photo quality printing our enhanced images are even better than the originals!

Left: Hosts of Prints too, from Old Master Paintings to Collectibles of all types. With over 80 different collections available there's something for everyone!

The image examples included are Full Size, may be used to make Prints for Sale or simply to assess the images before contemplating buying a Complete Business Package or just and individual image collection or two.

Make Many Times Your Money Back

Instructions are included plus important hints and tips on which types of paper to use. You could make many times your money back just from selling Prints from the restored and enhanced example Master Images included!

All Timecamera Vintage Images are uniquely Restored/Enhanced for Making Saleable Prints


THE LEGAL STUFF:  The sale includes permission to use the supplied Master Image Files for making Prints for either your own use or for sale - but of course NOT a right to copy or sell our Master Image Files, which are copyrighted. Each Restoration is digitally encoded and is Unique to Timecamera.

See Here for technical information and for the full Terms of  Use.

This fully tested prints/photos business is perfect for making authentic-looking Repro Prints for Sale through ...
 On-Line Auctions - Easy to ship Craft & Collectible Fairs
 Garage/Lawn/Car Boot Sales Mail Order Operations
 Galleries / Framed Picture Sales Swapmeets / Flea Markets
 Antique Stores / Malls Doorstep or Targeted Selling
 Greetings Cards/Graphics Projects Dye Sublimation Applications 
 Gift Shops / Retail Perfect For Web Site Selling

  Never Buy Stock Again - & Never Be Out Of Stock!


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Download to your computer and you can start printing immediately!

 Promotional Price:- Only 2.99 (Approx US$4.00).
Paypal or any debit/credit card via Paypal (no need to have an account).

Your First Print Sale Can Recover the Cost & More!

Beware of Imitations!




IF YOU INTEND TO MAKE PRINTS FOR SALE don't be lured into buying image collections where a large quantity is trumpeted in the headline. You can't beat the law of physics to fit a quart into a pint pot when it comes to good quality large file size images! It can be very expensive to ignore copyright laws also, as many amateur fly by night, on-line sellers commonly do. Here are a few tips:

The larger the quantity the less you will get (in quality). Don't be lured into buying large numbers of low quality, tiny size images - they are simply unprintable. Thousands of images on a CD only means wasted money!

Some image collections offered for sale, such as branded advertising or travel posters, may be still under copyright protection. If a new, unknown seller's description blithely encourages you to start a business selling such prints be very wary - ask.

 Be sure the antique images have been restored and/or enhanced especially for digital printing. This is an essential task that can make all the difference in a print's saleability or otherwise. If the seller has not already carried out this work it will mean a great deal of extra time for you and affect the viability and the reputation of your business. The lure of a 'cheap' image collection usually means money wasted.

4. SIZE:
 Make sure the supplied images are both a suitable size physically for making prints and also well over the basic 72dpi often supplied. Image pixels are often quoted as a physical dimension but this can be misleading for beginners if they need to compress them themselves to achieve a high enough resolution/physical size ratio for saleable prints (assuming the supplied quality is high enough to begin with). A high dpi resolution is only meaningful if it is accompanied by a large enough physical size too and the original is also of high clarity.
 It is easy to create so called high resolution 300dpi images by reducing poor-resolution images down to small physical sizes or alternatively by expanding the dpi figure artificially with a graphics program (without making an actual difference to the quality of the print) so be wary of dealers using these deceptions which rely on the ignorance of a purchaser.

Do resist the temptation of lifting images from the internet. Often this is simply theft of another's scan or photo which may be copyrighted, or the image itself may still be under copyright. Remember too that retro style doesn't necessarily mean the work is actually old and public domain. Additionally it may be a substantially restored and/or uniquely enhanced work which, as a significantly improved version of the original is itself subject to automatically renewed copyright protection. Even apparently public domain material shown on museum sites may be protected simply because the scans are another's work (only the original itself is copyright-free, not the scan).
Several museums now employ the use of agents to track illicit usage of its material. We are often told "I found a similar image on Google, why should I buy yours?" Search sites simply trawl for images. Obviously they do NOT check copyright before displaying them and simply warn the user that material may be copyrighted (it often is). It's a minefield that needs to be trod very carefully where the danger is a potential large financial loss through a big damages suite rather than loss of a limb.
Avoid the temptation at all costs. It simply isn't worth the enormous risk, especially when better quality, restored image collections can be had for extremely low cost anyway!

Be careful out there - or better still order only from Timecamera!

"Shoulda gone to Timecamera!"

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